What is Fascia Blasting?

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My Story and Thoughts on Fascia Blasting

Fascia Blasting has become a rapidly growing movement over the internet.  Facebook as it’s platform, has helped educate and motivate women to take control of their own bodies.  The FasciaBlaster® is a tool created by Ashley Black, the fascia guru, that is used to help remove restrictions, adhesions and distortions of unhealthy fascia throughout our bodies.

I found Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster® back in March ’16 and started blasting April ’16 as soon as it came in the mail.  I purchased the FasciaBlaster® to help relieve the pain I had in my shoulder at the moment and other alternative therapies gave me no relief.  Another reason for the purchase of the FasciaBlaster®, after my first bikini competition I was mortified of the cellulite still visible on my thighs from the professional photos taken the day of the show.  I had an ah-ha moment that the FasciaBlaster® might be my game-changer for another chance to compete!

I read the instructions, watched all the videos and went to town!  OUCH! It hurt!  I lasted maybe 2-3 minutes on each area of my body in the beginning.   And I bruised and bruised and bruised.  I was ok with the bruises, I knew they were a part of the journey and bruising meant healing.  The detox symptoms were gentle with me unlike what others have reported.

Over 6 months of blasting, 4-5 days a week, 30-45 minutes each session, I started to see some awesome results.  I had been through 2-3 worst before better stages during that time.  And as I took on clients to help them I learned more and more about the process of fascia blasting.

I competed again and my results were a smoother more developed posterior side and more defined muscular lines along my quads, that I never had before. I didn’t win but my body never looked better!  Picture- Blue suit after blasting – pink suit before blasting.

Pink suit, before.  Blue suit, after blasting!

Pink suit, before - blue suit, after blasting!

Is fascia blasting for you?

YES! It’s worth trying if you fall under one of these:

  • You have crepe skin, loose, and aging
  • You have noticeable cellulite
  • You have arthritis and pain in your joints or muscles
  • You have a lack of flexibility and movement throughout your joints
  • You have Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis
  • You have pain from an accident, or overuse that hasn’t been relieved by other modalities or therapies
  • You are interested in improving posture
  • You are interested in helping your muscles fire better
  • You need to increase circulation
  • And many other conditions……

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All results are different for each individual and we don’t make any claims.  

After professionally Fascia Blasting for over a year now, I can say that fascia blasting affects everyone differently.  The results will vary and there is not a time-line you will see results.  I can say that I’ve helped smooth out cellulite, spot reduce and create more muscle definition, increase muscle activation, flexibility and muscle growth, and decrease muscle and joint pain.
I encourage everyone to try fascia blasting if it’s not a contraindication to a condition you currently have and that you are cleared by your medical provider.  It’s a great tool to help heal our bodies so that we can live smarter, healthier, and longer.

Where did Fascia Blasting come from?

The FasciaBlaster® was created and founded by Ashley Black, the fascia guru herself.  Her incredible story can be found here and in her newly published book “The Cellulite Myth: It's Not Fat, It's Fascia” and website AshleyBlackGuru.com.

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Soul Fit and Fascia Blasting

Soul Fit Personal Training and Fascia Blasting starting implementing and teaching Ashley Black’s fascia blasting protocol June 2016.   Adding fascia blasting to personal training has helped transformed many clients to date.  Check out our gallery of before and after photos.

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