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Amanda Arnold, MS

Amanda Arnold

Amanda Arnold, MS
Certified Personal Trainer/Owner
Professional Fascia Blaster
Nutritional Consultant

Amanda is a passionate and educated personal trainer with 17 years of experience and growing. She began her fitness career while attending Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, where she pursued her Bachelors of Science degree in athletic training. During this time, Amanda got her start in personal training at the university's recreational center. Since she really enjoyed training and educating others in health and fitness, she decided to further her education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where she earned her Masters of Science degree in human performance. During her graduate degree work, she went to Hilton Head, SC for an internship in which she grew her skills and experience working with many retired golfers and tennis players.

Over the past 17 years of training, Amanda has touched and changed many clients’ lives and constantly learning and revolving with the newest trends. Over the past year, Amanda discovered the Fascia Blaster developed by Ashley Black.  After self-educating and using on herself to change her fascial restrictions and adhesions she shared this with clients and then started providing services to other blasters in the area.  Amanda has learned that even though our bodies are different, we all share the same challenges. She understands the importance of exercise and fascial work and believes that with a combination of healthy eating, consistent cardiovascular training, strength training and fascia blasting; you can achieve any, and all, of your goals. Amanda uses a functional training approach, with an emphasis on injury prevention and promotes a strong and healthy mind, body and soul.

Amanda Arnold - Testimonials:

"I started working out with Amanda Arnold a few months ago, and I wish I had found her years ago when I started visiting Minneapolis. She is smart, creative, inspiring--with a strong background in posture and alignment but also long-time experience in weight-lifting, a very unusual, and balanced combination. For someone like me, in my 50s, who wants to build flexibility as well as strong bones and muscles, this is a perfect mix. Amanda is curious about all types of workouts and incorporates barre, pilates, yoga, as needed. She also inspired me to start walk-running around the neighborhood, climbing stairs, and more. She's super-friendly, high energy. I have worked with trainers in New York City for over 20 years and she is one of the best, if not the best, I've ever met. I highly recommend her."

-Page S. Mill - District City Apts. Minneapolis

"Amanda has a gift for working with older clients. For someone who started a fitness program at the age of 73, I'm delighted with the progress I've made under Amanda's knowledgeable guidance and her "can do" attitude that has inspired me to adhere to an exercise program for the first time in my life. Amanda is working with me so that I can be an effective Peace Corps volunteer. She is one of the most inspirational professionals that I've come into contact with since retiring four years ago. Her expertise in working with older clients is simply amazing."

-Sharon R. St. Paul. MN

Amanda is amazing. I purchased my fascia blaster a while ago and was doing it incorrectly. Amanda really showed me how to use it properly and it really works!!!!! Highly recommend her!!!!!!

-Beth Weinzierl Battaglia

Amanda is AMAZING!! I had a blasting session with her and could feel the difference immediately after walking out of her office! She takes the time to tell you what you need and how blasting, with exercises, can help you. I am beyond excited to see her again, SOON!!

-Rebecca Roen Suess

I saw Amanda for the first time today. She did an amazing job blasting my Fascia. She is incredibly knowledge and she makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her service. I'm so thankful to start this journey with her.

-Jennifer A Solorio

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