What is Soul Fit?

Soul Fit is an experience, a way of living.  A Soul Fit body is more than a physically fit body, it’s a healthy body, a body that encompasses a healthy mind and soul.  A place for the soul to live and create its story.  Soul Fit helps clients to learn to live in the present, prepare for the future and love life through a higher level of consciousness.   We understand that our lives can become unbalanced with stressors, inactivity, injuries, unwanted demands and pressure.  How do you deal with all of that, how do you create balance in your life? You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Soul Fit provides you guidance, pain-relief and stress relief through exercise and fascia blasting so that you can achieve balance in your daily life while also achieving your personal goals with understanding and intuition.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide convenient and flexible in-home and onsite fitness training (currently traveling to downtown Minneapolis only) and fascia blasting services to those that are going through some in-balances due to past or current injuries as well as those that need more direction or just beginning their own fitness and wellness journey.   We service our clients throughout the Twin Cities and metro areas.

Our goal is to provide an experience for our clients in which they take away life-changing habits, learn to create a balance between mind, body, spirit, and learn to live a soul fit life with purpose through exercise, fascia blasting properly, eating a balanced and nutritional diet and learning to reduce stress with mediation and self-love.

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